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How to play a recording – 3 options 1

Different topics 1

Folders 2

Conference 2

Voice mail - E-mail 2

Roboq Calls 2

How to play a recording – 3 options

When a caller calls in, a file starts playing. There are 3 ways to create a file. 1- To type it and the system will read it out loud. 2- To play a self voice. 3-Upload a file from the computer that is a type mp3 or wav.

For option 1-Select the plus icon placed on the top left and then select “File” and type in a name. (Preferred a name that demonstrates the content of the file.) After the name, add in “.tts” (i.e. Food.tts) for the extension and select “create”. For option 2- Select the plus icon placed on the top left and then select “record” and record into a mic. For option 3- Select the plus icon placed on the top left and then select “Drop files here to upload” and choose a file.

Different topics

Now, if just this message is needed then the hotline is complete. But, if there are multiple topics for the caller then you’ll need to create folders to store each topic-file in the folder. Each folder is a number on the phone pad. To create a folder select the plus icon placed on the top left. Type in the name of the folder. The first letter of the name will be the number of the phone pad which the caller will press, then type in a name(i.e. 1 Apples(Add a space after the number)).(Preferred a name that demonstrates the topic of the folder.) Just repeat this step of creating folders according to the amount of topics placing on the hotline.

Now there are at least one file and a few folders displayed on the screen. When the caller will call in, he will immediately hear the file playing and at the same time have the option to select a folder by pressing on his phone pad the number of the folder. Make sure, the file will also play and say the number of each folder with its content as like this - ”For Education press 1. For Healing press 2. For Protection press 3.” You can include it in the same file or create another file with these words through one of the 3 options mentioned above. The system will play the files according to alphabetic order of the names of the file one after another.

P.S. When a folder contains folders and files then the files are not considered a playback and the numbers on the phone pad will not “rewind 15 sec” or either of its features. The phone pad will be used to enter to the folders.


Select folder 1 for an example. The same instructions repeat here again. In order for the callers to hear something there has to be a file. Each topic-file will need a different folder as mentioned above. Include in the file the number of each folder with its content as like this. [”For Math press 1. For Spelling press 2. For Science press 3.”]

P.S. When using option 1 each sentence needs a period. When using Hebrew words the vowels will may need to be changed in order the system should pronounce it properly.


Each folder can act in various ways. The default option was mentioned till now - the files start playing. There is a setting that when entering the folder it will begin a conference.

Select a folder and then select the “folder settings” on the top-bar of the screen for a list of various features. The first feature is “Box type”. The default is a “simple box” which its type was mentioned till now - to play the files. Select “conference 2” to make the folder a conference type. Fill in the features - optional. There is a teachers entering pin which means that the teacher will be the leader of the hotline. It will be entered when requested to press 1 to enter the conference the teacher will press the teachers entering pin instead. For more information just hover over the features and the popup will tell you its features.

Voice mail

If “New voicemail” is selected for the “Box type”, when the caller will reach this folder he will be able to leave a message. To send it to the admin’s email too fill in the email feature with its subject. For more information, when hovering over the features the popup will explain its features.


If ”Email+Fax” is selected the caller will get all .pdf files that are in that folder in his email or fax. The system will ask to type in his email or fax number on the phone pad.


If “Transfer” is selected then as entering this folder the caller will be automaticaly transferred to a different telephone number. The phone number for whom to send to needs to be filled out. Make sure to add a 1 before the number. Sometimes you’ll need to enter 1+845-555-5555. There is an option which number should be displayed on the receivers caller id.

Roboq Calls

Roboq calls sends the files that are in that folder. Select a folder that contains a file with an extension .tts then select “Roboq” on the top bar. Select “New Call” and enter the number(s) or list you wish to send to. The system will send all files.tts placed in that folder to the number you entered. To send to a list of numbers you must have the list in the same folder as the file you are sending out.

Note: The receiver will also have access to all folders on the hotline. He possibly, does not know which numbers to press.